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Is he just friendly-or wanting something more?


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Hello eNA-


Now is one of those fun occasions where I come to people for help instead of asking for help.



I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with the game of Quidditch (of Harry Potter fame), but recently, a real life equivalent of the game has been popping up on college campuses around the country. As such, a club was started here at my college, and my fiancee and I, both being avid HP fans, deciding to join. We went to a meeting/scrimmage today, and met some of the people in the club.


Just a little while ago, my fiancee got a friend request from a guy who was a member of the club. I am not overly jealous or paranoid about my fiancee and other guys, but I found it very fishy about how he only added her, even though he met me and knew who I was. This may be just nothing, but it's setting off the radar in my head. My fiancee has had problems with guys hitting on her in the past, and I want to head off any more problems before it occurs, if that is indeed the case here.


Any suggestions?

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