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Antidepressants + weed

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Well after trying a few different types of anti-depressants and getting no results whatsoever, I have been feeling completely hopeless. Today my psychologist told me he just recently learned that the reason there hasn't been any success is because I need the THC to completely exit my system. He said it takes about 9 months to get my brain clear or whatever. Note this isn't the body, its the THC that is apparently bound to my brain somehow.


Is there NOTHING I can do to speed this up? I have no problem getting it out of my body, but getting it out of my brain is something I'd have no clue how to do besides letting it naturally occur... which I'm partially assuming is the only option. Is this correct?

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so smoking weed got you depressed??


umm yeh i have been smoking weed on and off for almost 2 years.


and weed just doesnt do it for me any more so i quit. the truth is life is more rewarding. meet your daily challenges, think of conan or some warrior type dude battling an onslaught of foes ( problems) and demolishing them in his wake!!


be strong us men are like warriors! embrace the power use it and fight off these mental blocks!

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