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Erection Problems


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I've only been with a couple of girls and had sex with just two of them but am finding myself having erection problems.


We make out fine and end up with our kit off and masturbating each other and that goes pretty well. But as soon as I reach for a condom, I lose my erection and it is really annoying.


I can get it back while we are masturbating each other but again, as soon as I go for a condom, it goes. Any help?

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It's pretty normal, honestly!


Make sure when you masturbate that you aren't putting pressure on which a vagina can never simulate - may take time for you to get used to her and come, that's also normal.


Don't make a big deal of this in your mind, if you can talk to her and make light of it, so much the better... if she's nice she will understand.

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Don't reach for the condom. Have it out and open ahead of time. Let her take it and put it on. Have her roll it the rest of the way down with her mouth and continue stimulating you. Then have her jump on top. Make sure she has added lube ahead of time too so that there aren't any thinking breaks for either of you.


There really isn't the need for an interruption long enough to actual lose the whole erection. Concentrate on continuing whatever you were doing before and keep stimulating her. Have her put it on in a 69 and you won't even be able to see it happening. I bet you can find something better to amuse yourself with in that position.

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