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I've got an urge to talk, but also terrified


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thought I'd give this stuff a try see if I can get any good advice...


ermm it's all about this girl, we've been good mates for a while last year she really pulled me out of a lot of depression and had some good times. Out of the blue she gave me signs (quite obvious ones) and I never took my chance (partly because I just couldn't believe it and partly because I didn't want to risk losing a friendship). I tried to date other girls to avoid this but nothing ever happened because none of them made me as happy as she did, and as soon as I realized I told her how I felt. Not to her face but on facebook (embarrassingly).


That was after a long period of not talking to her so it all came as quite a shock so things became awkward, amazingly though were good friends again. but so many things have just been left unanswered. I'm so confused why nothing's happened yet because it's so right, she's just like me in a lot of ways, were in a good circle of friends and we always have a laugh.. and I just found out from her mate that she does have a thing for me :S ayy??? it's like we're both want each other but none of us are trying anything


I feel like calling her but what to say? should I try and bring things up so I can get some straight answers or should I play it cool? Try and get together, have some good chilling time to help decide? I'm 17 init, never had a proper relationship and I know I'm ready..I know she's dated a fair share of people but I'm so afraid of messing up, what should I do?


(by the way I know I've rambled on and if you CBA to read then it's all good because it's helped me to have a good perspective on the whole thing, cheers)

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If you don't have the guts to ask her out one-on-one just yet, organise something w/ your group of mutual friends, then call her and "make sure" she's coming, so she knows you really want her there... Then spend most of the time talking to her!

Or just pick up the phone, and ask her if she's free this weekend.

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