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So stressed with life right now :(

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I really don't know what to do anymore. If you look back at my previous post you'll see that I was dealing with some personal issues which by the way have not been solved which is adding to my stress


On top of that I hate my job I work at a call center and it's very stressful being yelled at everyday and feeling like I am getting no where in life. I feel like a robot because I have to say the same things pretty much all day. I've been trying hard to find a new job but right now with the recession seems like nobody is hiring. I'm scared I'm going to get fired from my job soon because my performance has been really bad lately because of all the stress I'm dealing with makes it really hard to do my job properly.


I just don't know what to do anymore, I feel like I'm losing my will to live more and more each day This world sucks and I don't know if I really want to be apart of it much longer if things don't change soon

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A job isn't worth your life. A lot of people wish they had a job right now. Working at a call center does suck, however it's really good life experience, as being able to deal with less-than-nice people is a very important skill. You just have to treat it like a game and see how many of those less-than-nice people you can turn into nice people by the end of the conversation.


In the meantime, pick something you're interested in (music, cars, bikes, computers, whatever) and maybe take some night (or day, depending upon when you work) classes on that subject. Then you can work on getting a job doing something you're actually interested in. That will help your outlook tremendously.

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trust me there are people in worse situations than you and they keep on going. Look at the people in haiti, africa.. they haven't given up, so you can't either. just learn to relax. when you fee stress, just take a break. My uncle lost his job more than a year ago and still can't find one. although it's tough on him, but he keeps going. Look the positive things in your life and smile.

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