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Is it really over?


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Me and My boyfriend had an argument on Tuesday and I tend to have a problem where i type things without thinking and do not actually mean it.


So we were okay and then i said to him its over, me and you are finished. I did not mean it at all, and then he said a few things and then agreed with me, and said that he was thinking of dumping me but then thought it was nasty as the conversation went on. I was calling him and on msn at the same time, while we were chatting he told me to stop calling him and wasnt answering.


I then told him i didnt mean it and that i didnt want to break up, he then said that he did want to break up and that he was sorry but i ended it first and he then wanted to. I then logged off of msn as i couldnt see what he was typing it hurt that he was agreeing with me and didnt care, and i stopped calling him, he then sent me a text saying: Bruv.Broke up with ........ lol.x Obviously this wasnt for me, and it was for someone else, but i dont see how he would of accidently sent it to my phone about me, and about the break up.


Hes been talking to me on and off saying he wants to be friends and he knows i cant i keep telling him i love him and miss him he doesnt answer when i say this. He seems like he doesnt care, and maybe he doesnt as he is saying not nice things about me, and all i want to do is just forget this and be with him again. I just do not know what to do, and i think i have pushed him away as i always find little things to start on him about, and i think its pushed him away, and i do not know what to do, we have a lot of mutural friends and its just kiling me, that i have lost him.

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Agree, why would you type we're over if you didn't mean it? also, keep in mind, if he wanted to work things out he would have said so, the fact that he jumped on the "lets break up" wagon so quickly shows he wanted out of the relationship - no second thoughts needed.

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It is definitely over. Unfortunately, you may not have meant it but he clearly does. Not only is he making no effort to reconcile with you, you say he's not even being particularly nice to you. His accidental text reveals it all- you were hurting and he was lol'ing!


I know you're hurting but try to realize that this relationship was just not meant to be and focus on healing instead of trying to figure this guy out.


And keep in mind, you have learned a valuable lesson: don't say hurtful things you don't mean. Good luck!

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