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Learning to trust your feelings


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I have discovered that alot of my problems are based on the fact that I never give my emotions any space, always trying to act on logic and on how you are "supposed" to act.

There are almost only benefits with accepting my emotions and to let them out, such as letting go of all my built up frustration, showing myself respect, letting other know who I truly are, not needing to waste energy on pretending I am unmoved. The only negative things are really that some people probably I'm to much to deal with, aswell as there will be more conflicts.


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to start listening to what you feel and giving your feelings space and expression?

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Well - you've made a good start. For me the key was feeling emotions, staying with them and not running in case I couldn't cope. It was really easy once I stopped being scared.


I found a counsellor of immense help, personally.


Thanks, I got the tip from a friend to actually write down (and not just thinking about) what could be good/bad about letting my emotions out. I have a counsellor at the school but I feel I havn't made much progress with him, with a bit of luck I might meet a psychiastrist through him though.

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