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Job Seekers Do Not Despair

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Job seekers, do not despair. I decided to make a career change late last year and recently completed my CNA/phlebotomy programs. I have been looking for a job for the past several weeks.


Last week I decided to place an add, just detailing my experiences, no name, tel and required the reader to provide me with a fax number if interested. I received several responses BUT before I faxed my resume I used the internet to research the number, call and verify with the organization and also check out the company website online.


I had several leads. I got an interview this week followed by another 2nd interview yesterday and was given a job offer as a Medical Assistant. Pay was pretty good considering I do not have much clinical experience. Most physician offices prefer administrative experience and will train you on the job. Late yesterday afternoon I received another job offer. There are jobs out there especially within the medical field.


For those who are still looking for employment you may want to try this strategy. It worked for me. BUT be sure to research to see if the company is legitimate BEFORE sending your resume.


Good luck, keep trying, it will happen

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Congratulations. Good to hear that a non-traditional/different approach can work for people.


I get so damn tired of reading articles and what not telling me my resume has to be a certain way, and I have to respond a certain way in interviews to even be in the running. If everyone's using the same tactics, how is anyone supposed to stand out?


So, since I'm more in the "looking to see what opportunities are out there" mode rather than "I need a job NOW" mode, I decided to take a different approach. No more uniquely created cover letters or specially-spun resumes or pat/expected answers for me. When I apply for anything now, they get the one version of my resume that I de-BS'ed...that's it...if they want to know more, they can jolly well call or email me and ask. If they contact me, I am who I am...flaws'n'all.


Now, here's the weird part....since adopting this low-BS approach, I've actually gotten called for interviews more often than when I was putting more effort into applying for various jobs. Go figure.


Far as I can tell, my stumbling block now is the fact that I run my own business and have the audacity and sheer unmitigated gall to want it to be successful enough that it can be my sole means of support if I choose for it to be.

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congrats and thanks for sharing this gleam of hope! its a bleak world out there in the job market right now . i've been thinking of doing a phlebotomy program too but its just really toughto put the time and money out and not be 'sure' that ill get hired some where. i know someone else who did it and they are doing pretty good right now with it but i really just dont have the money for it right now. still waiting on a few job offers to get back to me and hopefully ill hear good news soon.

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Well, I believe the phlebotomy made me more marketable.


I'm planning to studying bill coding next. I took a risk in changing career paths at a time when the economy wasn't doing so well. I knew the medical profession was less risky, I had a strong interest for it, and i did research that Medical Assistants were in high demand. It's paid off. I studied hard and I got results. Don't give up sending out resumes. My resume was one page long, brief but had everything they needed to know. I'm looking forward to a new start however, I'm so nervous that I won't get someone's BP the first time.

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