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Feeling better after three days NC

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After the blocking incident on FB, I refused to add him back because of pride. I'm sure this surprised him. Not seeing him constantly updating is helping me a lot. This is day 3 NC and tonight I found myself actually laughing with my sister and not being a total zombie. I am still a little isolated in the sense that I don't want to really go out with friends, but its nice to be able to laugh again.


I'm still worried about his mother and her losing housing [earlier post explains that she called me today crying over the fact that section 8 has found out he lives with her, and is potentially kicking her off]


I wrote up a letter for her to provide proof that he had been staying with me until February. I do love her, despite her son's actions. I put it in the mail. I hope I don't get dragged to a hearing, or asked to provide proof of address. Those little setbacks, argh.


But.. on to progress! I laughed tonight. This is a good sign. I actually even took a walk in the sunshine earlier. These sound like such pathetic little steps, but to me they are leaps and bounds. I have been so lethargic and listless. I dropped down to 92 pounds [i'm 5'0, so I guess it's not that incredibly unhealthy... still. my healthy normal weight is around 108-110]. I'm eating a little more. It's amazing what out of side, out of mind can do. Seeing him updating constantly was hurting me terribly.


You just have to guess and you're not faced with the constant pain of them posting about going out with someone else, or dating someone else (which is what was happening). You're not faced with them being OK with life when you're still miserable. NC is really the way to go.


I'm a little worried that he will try to come crawling back now that he's homeless. I'm not sure what I'd do in the situation. It would be a ... huge. setback.


But for now, let's hope that I can continue on this positive path. I wish we didn't live so close to each other.



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