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My school partner stole some work from me

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There is this guy I work with in school on group project and for in class group work. We seem to work very well, and we kinda knew each other outside of school as we used to work together.


So for this one class we do in class assginments in which we submit a report after. Now last week I got back our report and last Friday we had to use our report to do some calculations for our next in class assignment. Which we missed because he had all our original calculation.


However, I wrote up this report I am referring to. However, now going through my notes its missing. He has taken my report.



Should I confront him about this?


This is unacceptable, like if he wanted it he could of asked for it and I could of given it to him.


On a unrelated matter, I was talking to someone else about him and this person told me that my partner is like that, he always wants to keep projects and any assignments but never even pay his way through projects.

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