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i didn't know where to post this so it's here. I have two questions I need help with that are related.


I hooked up with a guy I know from school, we don't know each other since we never hang out, but we do go out with the same group. Anyway we got into a REALLY deep conversation, i mean like seriously deep.

A few days later one of my good guy friends found out and he said 'he took advantage of you, he got what he wanted' and I told him it was OK because i went along with it and then he said 'well then he took you for granted'. what the heck does that mean, I've been contemplating it for days!

that was my only problem until today...

when i saw him, me and my friend stopped to talk to him and his friend. he didn't even acknowledge that i existed, i mean i knew nothing was going to come out of it but after our d&m you'd think at least a hi would be in order! seriously what the hell!! boys are stupid


thanks for listening!

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I wouldn't agree that he took you for granted, you willingly hooked up with him and you were getting just as much out of him as he was you... So I don't think there is anything wrong with that.

He's either awkward about seeing girls he's hooked up with, or he's trying his hardest to not lead you on.

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he's a known player, so i don't know where the awkwardness is coming from. i dunno it was quite random, i was outside drunk and he came out and started kissing me and i was like why not. we also talked that night about how it was a bit of fun and nothing else. it could be the fact that i'm considered innocent in that group.

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update: today i was sitting on the lounge in a block where he needed to go to his lunchtime class (i only know this because one of my friends takes the class), he stood at the door, saw i was there and didn't even bother. i was like what the hell!! he also turned down his FWB from what i've heard, its all strange!!

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