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Dealing with Cynicism and Overthinking


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I met a girl while i was on a working holiday, she was foreign and we were both away from home, i met her about 3 weeks before she had to fly home. I spent alot of time with her in those short weeks but we got on really really well. When she left to go home there were no words exchanged about ending what we had or anything negative. We kissed and she simply went on her way.


I'm going to her country in just over a month, and from what i can tell by our conversations she is looking forward to me coming over.. i think lol. She has mentioned she would like to work with me as i will be working a seasonal job, and has said she would like to travel around the country with me after the work has finished.


Now saying the above i cant help but be slightly cynical, i've been burnt before and i'm always wary to take on kind words because they always seem to haunt me when it blows up in my face. I'm really looking forward to seeing her, its been a little over 6 weeks since that last sweet kiss and not a day has passed where i don't think about her.


I speak to her every few days due to the time difference, its hard to be around when she is free but i do make the effort with late night internet sessions lol. I think i over think because i need contact with the person all the time... its a flaw of mine i know but i cant help it, i really felt we had a strong connection. I do trust her to an extent, but like i said i only knew her for a short while before she went home.. I guess i just want to know for certain what she wants, the uncertainty and anticipation is killing me


Any tips of dealing with the great distances overseas dating has, and how to deal with my over-active brain



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tough it out. sorry, but that's the cold hard truth of it.


I spend all of my time in my head, I like it for the most part. But when it comes to other people, knowing how they feel and what they think .. it sucks horribly. it drives me crazy and causes me to ruin relationships.


I am learning to be better, more secure in my knowledge and their words ... but it really comes down to simply toughing it out. if the chance she likes you is worth it, you can do it. otherwise, say goodbye. - because our brains can easily ruin it all.

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