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how to start no contact?


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If you're serious about no contact, then him contacting you shouldn't make a difference in your mind. First remove (or block) him from facebook, msn, etc. Delete his number from your cell phone. Erase old texts and emails (or, if you must, print them and store them hidden away somewhere if you want them for nostalgic purposes - DO NOT look at them. Seal them in an envelope so you won't be tempted to open it for years, if ever. this can be done for pictures too). if he calls you, don't answer the phone. if he texts, don't text back. if he messages or emails, don't write back. if he seems confused by why you aren't speaking to him and you feel the need to explain, you can just briefly tell him that this is the best way for you to move on with your life and that for the time being you would prefer if you don't contact each other, and leave it at that. don't give a long drawn out speech about why you're doing this - just be simple and to the point.

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I had to read your other posts to get a sense of what has gone on here.


You have had quite a long relationship with this guy. You say that you had a fight and that you said some terrible things and he dumped you. No doubt the past week or so has been a rollercoaster for both of you.


If he texts you, given that this is such a long term relationship, I'd reply and say that you're sorry about what happened, but that you both need some time for yourself right now to heal from what has happened. Ask him not to contact you during this time.


There's no reason to be nasty, but you can be polite but firm.


Just my opinion.

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Even if he contacts and you and are dying to reply, dont.

Staying in contact achieves nothing when you are trying to get over each other, It just hurts you more and strokes there ego more when you reply.

If you use face book or anything... DELETE! who wants to see photos anyway. If he texts just delete the message before reading it, what does it matter what it says, you will feel so wonderful and happy with you're self i promise!

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A lot of times, people will use the excuse, "I know I said NC, but this particular instance is important where I must answer his call/email/text!"


But the fact of the matter is, you HAVE to stick to it! Even if that nagging little voice inside is telling you to respond or to contact, you need to get through those hard moments. And there WILL be hard moments!


Just get through them...without contacting!


There is no grand ceremony to it, ya just gotta do it.

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