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I've been with my girlfriend for a year. I've helped her out from going back to Poland and I wouldn't see her. I really fell for her like something crazy, it was love at first site She makes me feel amazing in everything we do together. Her daughter came to live with us from 4 months in our relationship. Her daughter is great, we really get along and really do a lot together like watching cartoons and building stuff together. Going to parks and etc. The best moments I've had in my life so far. We shared a perfect life, just the 3 of us.


But 3 months ago my girlfriends sister came to stay with us from Poland, my girlfriend wanted it and I agreed, cos it makes her happy. But it has been a regret, her sister makes me feel like a idiot, treats me like I'm nobody (she talks and looks at me like I'm nothing). I've spoken to my girlfriend about this on a numerous of times but she's brushed it off and let it be ](*,) 3 weeks ago I've been feeling really bad and I've said stuff like she has back to her (I know its childish but I tried speaking to my girlfriend about it and she still brushes it away). We kept having big agreements about it and shouted at each other over what her sister has been doing. I told my girlfriend that she has to go back to Poland cos I've had enough of feeling like this and having all of this. I told her when your mum returns back to Poland from Germany she has to back then. But the agreements been continuing and I said she has to go now, then it got worst-en and I ended up tell my girlfriend she has to leave now. I never meant it and told her she can stay but I want her sister gone in 20 days. My girlfriend said OK.


But now she's been asking strange questions about everything that is leading to believe she's gonna try to take my flat off me.


I stupidly put her name on it but am taking it off now.


Should I tell my girlfriend to move out and give her a deadline or tell her that she has to go now? or what should I do????


I hate to lose her but I can't lose my flat that I worked so hard to get and I fear the housing will side with her.

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Is your flat more important to you than this girl? Is splitting up something inevitable, or do you want to work through this with her?


Go and speak to someone in your housing association and find out what your rights are. Unfortunately, since the flat is in her name you may have no options open to you unless she agrees to let you change the names - something I don't think you'll be able to do without her.


If you lose your flat then you'll just have to start over and learn from this - never ever give all the power, financially or whatever, to one side of the relationship. If everything was in both your names then this wouldn't be happening, so bear that in mind next time.


I'm sorry your relationship has broken down. Perhaps it would be a good idea to talk her into changing the names to both of yours before anything more happens, in case you don't get back together.

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