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Is it worth it


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So I'm figuring out if its worth it. Dating a girl who is in Paris for a few months. We've been dating for a year. She's young. I'm young. We have great chemistry, I love her, and I know without a doubt she loves me. I found out she maybe cheating. We both have an unspoken understanding that something may happen when we're away, but I found about that this has happened a week into her being there. Confronted her and the response was obviously no, but I have pretty incriminating evidence (I checked her email, wrong I know) that something happened.


So what now? Try to keep it alive and pick up the pieces when shes back, or go our separate way? My first REAL love so it's hard to move on, but I can.


Questions, thoughts, comments appreciated.

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This is a tough question. Ask yourself if you would be willing to forgive her. If you are, then stick with her. If not .... I think that you are willing to forgive her, though. I think that you should wait until she gets back and see how she is.

See if you still love her, despite her failing (if she actually cheated on you. What was the evidence?). If you do, then I'd say you should forgive her (meaning absolutely no holding of grudges; it may take some time, but it's something you will have to do if you want to stay with her).

You may want to try confronting her (though it's going to be very messy and you'll both hurt for a while and will potentially break up). I wouldn't do this myself, but I'm just listing it as an option.

Try and patch it up, and if that doesn't work, then at least you tried. Love is hard to find, and very, very few people find it twice in their life.

Hope this helps

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