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Cant get/stay hard...


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Im 20 years old and i have a serious problem. Every time I try to have sex with my girlfriend I cant keep my erection. She turns me on and I can get hard with her but once im inside of her I go soft immediately. Im sitting with her right now and we just tried and I failed as usual. We want your advice because we dont know what else to do. She leaves tomorrow and I wont see her again for a long time. I really really really wanna have sex with her. Please all advice is needed!

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You could be working yourself up over this problem so much, that when you get inside of her, you get distracted by the fact that you have gone soft before. Try to keep your mind off of this when you get inside of her. Also, if you are trying too often, you might be getting fatigued.


This might be something you want to consult a doctor about if it continues.


And if you can't have full-blown intercourse tonight, why not try other things that can help you and her achieve orgasm? Foreplay and oral will make the night great, too!

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