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It's been 6 months after strict no contact on her part. We broke up last year and did 5 months of NC before we started talking again. I felt so much better when she did, she still missed me and we got along fine for a few months after that until she found someone else and went back into NC. I haven't heard from her since I don't know a thing about her now. I just want to talk to her again. I don't know what to do.

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At least what you know now is she still missed you, but don't looking to get back with you. You get what I mean? SHe got another guy hooked up.


So, for you, you have choices, one is to forget and move on, two is try to get her back, call her, find her and meet up.


Its impossible to forget, but still life goes on, we all have to go through all this at least once in our life didn't we? Its a lesson to be learned, its a path that almost every human being have to pass.


Don't be confused anymore, its the sign that she still leading you, probably till now. And its not good, you'll only lose yourself, the one who always happy(i assume) before the broken relationship.

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