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Ok ... So I've called his bluff.


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Right, just a kind of update.


My LDR bfriend (yes we lived tog for 3 years in bad circumstances due 2 circumstances under his mothers roof grrrrrrr) has actually pushed me over the edge.


The past weekend he on his own accord told me he would be home on sunday 11pm at night . i DID NOT ASK he SAID. Then half 7 pm he calls me which was GREAT - i was very happy ... told me how he was having a good time and that he would call me on his way home in a few hours. a FEW HOURS.


HALF FOUR IN THE MORNING I HAVE HEARD NOTHING. So i call him, he is at a party. ok i got egotistical (if thats even a word) I DEMANDED he went home cos i was waiting for him online - cos he SAID he would be home AGES ago.


So he went home - lol. That in itself mystifies me. he came online but he was like real drunk and soooo hard to talk to. bear in mind im a couple of hours ahead. so i said i was going to bed.


I then asked him if he was going back out (half 4/ 5 you'd think not) he said no. yet he did.


He went out and i was unable to contact him until monday night half 11. He was to to talk when he got in. so tuesday came. he had to go watch a football match - couldnt really talk cos he was too tired when he got in. ONLY TONIGHT did we talk.


After Sunday /monday incedent i sent him an email. I kind of him out and told him that not doing what he said he was going to do was unacceptable. Bear in mind he has done this or something similar for 8 weekends in a ROW.


I stood my ground and told him my exact thoughts. When he came online last night he asked if he could PLEASE REPLY to my email today... cos he was too tired last night and wantd to be awake when replying... I then got a message today from him that read like this:


''baby im going to xxxfestival this weekend then im not going out until you are back. you might not believe me but i wont.Dont want to lose you im an idiot for what ive been doing! I lost sight of what i was doing to you. I hate myself for hurting you! I really mean it! i love you x x xx ''


Pretty darn convincing aint it.


So tonight he comes online and refuses to respond to my email. After that beautiful message above. LOL. he tells me he was tired when he read it first and that now that he's read it again its a load of bullocks!


He swung every single thing right back at me somehow, and the convo ended with him saying ''i want to break up, you are impossible''


I cant believe it. My entire email actually addressed how he swings things round.


So i then sent him a text saying ''will be talking to xxx tom. will it be ok to have my box of stuff ready for her to pick up? If you could just gt my things together i would really appreciate that. Will save us havng to meet up etc when i get there... ''


If you feel like some juice i will post our ENTIRE convo on msn. it is long... so unless u want to read it i wont post it.


Maybe u / we should, cos i think this may be a typical typical example of manipulation ... first hand ????


thanks gys

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Looks like he doesn't want to accept any blame whatsoever, I dunno. Breaking promises all the time so thoughtlessly isn't so great. If you feel like it was a good idea to not stay with him, it probably is. Just from what you've told us here, he doesn't seem like that great of a guy anyway.


I don't really see where you did anything wrong, so keep on with the break up. And also, if you do want to post the conversation, I'm up for it! I do like reading other people's conversations when they okay with it. I'M NOT CREEPY. :splat:

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I do find it amusing. Every single one of you out there are wondering this and that. You have all been told to 'tell them one thing - if they come to you after'' well then you talk.


I have just done what you all should be doing. calling their bluff. they keep calling yours ... dont they. i honestly thought this would be an interesting post.

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