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2 questions about what guys think about love..


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Either male or female can answer:


My boyfriend and i have been going out for about a month. he just graduated college this year and im a sophomore. hes 22 im 19. he always says that even though its so early in the relationship he can see us having a future and ebing togheter. he says what hes feeling is something hes never had before and that he cant explain how he feels with words. we do not say i love you or have sex or anything like that yet.


2 questions:

1) do you thikn a guy whos out of college is looking for someone more likely to settle down with in the future?




2) he says he sometimes feels weird if he tries to make a move on me and that thta is the only so calledflaw in our relationship lol. doesn anyone know why?



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I'm 23, and while I do think a lot about settling down with my girl, and I do always date with that in mind, I'm not getting married till I'm at least 30. I don't think being out of college is necessarily going to affect his interest in settling down, people all mature differently. Also, you've only been together for a month, you barely know each other. Give it some time, and see how things are in 6 months or so.


Also, things might be a little awkward physically because of just that. You guys barely know each other. If you or him don't feel comfortable getting more intimate, then don't yet. If you do, but he doesn't, be a bit more aggressive and see how he reacts. If he does, but you don't, let him know that and ask him to back off some.


All in all, I think it's way too early for you guys to be thinking about anything super serious. Take it slow and be patient.

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