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have no idea wat to think


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Well im resorting to seeking any sort of feed back as ive carried this alone and only had my cheating boyfriend as my source of support as i'm not at home, the otherside of the world actually. I came to aus for our family, me partner and baby...Its been a rocky road for some of the time and my boyfriend has confessed to sleeping with other people. I got over it the first time round, and moved to australia to give things a go.

Since then iv visited home for my grandads funeral...wen i got back to aus something was up, he then confessed to another drunk one night stand and some fooling around with other women.

Since he told me that i have felt so lost in this relationship, i feel like iv come to the end of the road but dont want to stop my baby from knowing her dad. I feel like if i go back to england then that would be it. He claims to still love me and regrets how he's been but i feel like theres even more that he isnt telling me. Right now i am persisting to stay in our rental when he moves out, im searching for ways to get passed all this but i dont know how.

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you know.. sometimes... you must take sacrifices.. i dont think your child would want to grow up know your father is a cheat and treats you wrong... for now just go.. go be happy.. if you want love.. put it all on the child growing up.. i didnt grow up with my orginally father.. found out that he ran away knowing i was born. but i had a step father since i was four and took good care of me and i love em.. ha

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