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well, a while ago, i had this feeling that i don't feel anything for my ex anymore nad then i saw a picture of him.. im heart did not melt okay, but im furious.. i felt angry.. so angry.. after 1 month of being alone.. i felt so angry that i wanted to tear him apart.. for lying to me.. for making me feel inadequate.. i don't know what to feel really, i honestly don't feel anything positive for him anymore. i can't hide it.. i just wanna scream at his face and say the meanest things in the world.. i already forgot about him but then that picture.. argh!! it made me go through the whole thing again.. i hate it.. i thought i won't be reminded but i was.. and now i don't know.. i'd rather feel nothing than feel this..i've been feeling indifferent about him already, why must i see that picture..](*,)

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