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Guys!!! Say something after reading!

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Hi guys, I've been on ENA for a weeks now and I learnt a lot, thanks....


Something happened (surprised) after I joined here, this morning, oh well, I'm a student, I got school!(final year) I skipped today's classes and decided to stay at home... when around 9am or something (recess time of my school), I saw a very familiar car with a very familiar face driving it... OH MY.... It was the guy(the man who my ex dump me for)... He drove pass my house... At 1st, I thought that, why? you know, my house is not nearby any shopping complexes or big town, so no way gonna bypass my house, and its school day! and he was wearing school uniform...


But i still think, erm..ok, maybe he spy on her(my ex)? but how come? My ex should be at school too... So i rode on my bike and rush to school... Viola, my ex is absent too for school today, and funny thing is that, the guy just 50m behind me!!(That's proven that the guy just purposely pass through my house and go back school, I'm quite sure he is looking for her) So, what's the power made him to do it? and why my house?


Something happened~ I wanted to share with you guys, I felt some unknown happiness, but I'm over it! I didn't hope anything right at the time~ I'm doing well on what I should do now...


Any thoughts will be appreciated ^^

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So, what's the power made him to do it? and why my house?

When you start a relationship on lies and deception as these pair did you rarely have any trust..this is likely to be karma in play.he does not trust her nor she him is the likely reason and it has driven him crazy to the point he has to find out where she is, and you would be high on the list of candidates for obvious reasons..Not much fun for him I imagine...not your concern now...find yourself a loyal girl who you can trust

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I knew...something happen to them or I'm not sure, she is doing something really weird now... God knows... BTW, not my concern anymore, thx llee... and craig, u too trezz


Yup, she is a liar, few times lied to me but I still, i still....


Its over, thanks guys ^^ any comment welcomed here!

Now I'm just enjoying my life, they? well, I'm rid of her..


Just finish movie District 9...

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