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Just wondering..


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Today is my six month anniversary with my boyfriend.

It's the longest relationship I've ever been in, so it's a big deal to me.



Just curious, do you find that anniversaries are a bigger deal to girls?

and girls, would you expect something on a six month anniversary? what would it be?


I'm not expecting anything cause he's out of town, and even if he was in town, I would just want to spend the day with him. I was just curious what your opinions were, thanks.

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I don't think anniversaries appeal to one gender over the other. It just depends on the person. It also depends on which anniversary it is, specifically. Not many people make a big deal out of the 6-month mark, so if your boyfriend doesn't, don't take it personally. It's usually the yearly one that people celebrate.

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My girlfriend and I are going to be celebrating our four month anniversary on Tuesday. I remember it because it's important to me, but then again I'm the kind of guy that doesn't mind talking about emotions and whatnot. A hopeless romantic. So six months is great! Congrats!


Thank you!

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6 months is DEFINITELY a milestone!! Congrats!


As for monthaversaries being a bigger deal to the girl, I'll say that this is typically the case. Although you do have some couples where the guy and the girl are equally commemorating each month.


As for expecting something for a sixth-month anniversary...it depends on the guy. My boyfriend and I celebrated six months together by not making plans and eating take-out together and watching a movie on the couch, and it is just as memorable.


Just...yanno...after the first year, try not to celebrate outwardly month-by-month. It gets complicated. My boyfriend's sister excitedly said to me the other day, "It's our 21st monthaversary today!" and all I could do was blink at her.

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