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What Could She Mean?

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I was talking to a co worker today and she made a comment to me that really struck me as odd.


She was joking around about how she wished the summer was here so she could wear less and i said 'as long as you keep your shirt on i have no problem with that'. She laughed and I said 'remember i do have to work next to you' and she said " i wouldn't be so sure of that."


Am i reading to much into it or could that mean my job is not safe.


I mean its been pretty quiet around the office lately and managment is a bit concerned about cashflow. But i don't think i've made any big mistakes that would warrent me getting retrenched, i've only been there 4 months!?


Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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she could be leaving

your job could not be safe

she could be joking with you

your team may be about to move office/areas/seating plans

it may have just been a whitty comeback




but as a whole i'd not worry about it.

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