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Qhy did he text me after we spoke?


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My ex of 10 months and I broke up about a month ago. we have limited contzacted the first 2 weeks, he even came to my house one night to talk and we ended up starting new, then later that week he realized that we would just be jumping right back in.


He needed more time and space, which I understood because so did I. So I went NC, yesterday I called him, he left his work clothes here when he came that night and he did not answer so I left a message then he called me back 5 minutes later, he said I could mail it to him or toss it. (Oh and believe me I only felt sour when breaking NC but I said to myself its ok, I will not blame myself I only called to find out what he wanted me to do and I will not call again unless he calls with talk about reconciling otherwise I am moving on for my own sanity.)


I agreed, although I did feel bad inside cause I bought them for him, we had general convo and he was paged over the lousdpeaker and his supervisor was there so he said he had to go and would call me. Not even 3 minutes later he texts me this message:


Sorry but im really with the superintendant. I will call you and you sound good. ttyl sorry again


I don't understand what the point is with that?

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If he is hurting about the break up, it could be because he felt he reacted coldly to you on the phone and felt bad about it, hence sending a message pretty soon afterwards justifying and (possibly) trying to be nice with the "you sound good" and the reassurance of him calling you.

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well he did not call me back that same day.... I did not expect it I know he is busy when at work and has an hours drive home and goes to bed....


SO it was for his own satisfaction? He knows I do not and will not be friends with him and want to start new....so I just don't know... I probably would have felt worse if he did not send me that text....but I feel better knowing I have the protection of NC

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