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how slow can i go


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so we started emailing again. I want to take it slow because im very guarded (he hurt me) and I dont want to get to emotionally involved again yet. He agreed he wants to take it slow. However, he replies to my email responses right away. I dont want to reply to his emails right away because it ends up being contact daily or more than once daily. So my question is how long can I wait before replying without looking rude/having him think something is wrong?


Does anyone mind telling me what LC (I assume little contact) entails?

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Why not just share honestly & kindly.


Just tell him that for now it will be "normal" for where you are both taking it slow to take your time in getting back to him. Tell him that that is what taking it slow means to you.


Though let him know in a positive way. Maybe tell him you are very, very glad that you both are going to try again to have a relationship, though it is impt. for you to take it slow, and then explain what taking it slow means to you. Tell him that it is a good thing that you are taking your time to get back to him for now, as it is facilitating a healing & trust rebuilding process.


So, best to just be plain honest about your feelings - just say as you have on this forum.

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When you reply email let him know in the email that you will talk with him or drop him an email the following week and will look forward to it then! ,get in the driver seat and set your own speed..take control of your contact and how often you wish it to be..Starting off slowly involves very honest communication, dont leave anything to be second guessed State your feelings always..good luck

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