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How do you make friends?

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Everyone I meet is either kind of dismissive of me or too interested in me if you get the point (I am taken!) Also, I CANNOT talk to girls. I just dont know what to talk about. With guys, its just natural for me. And they end up wanting to date me.


I dont know if I want friends, but I think it would be healthy for me to have friends other than my SO, just to hang out with every now and then. I know people from school .. but alot of them went away from college, and the ones that didnt (younger than me) seem to have their own little social circles. I would like to go out for a taco with some girls every now and then, or just someone to talk to (not an online person).


I have varied interests and always like trying new things. But girls just arent into me. Everyone seems to already have a best friend.


Is there a place I can go to try to make a friend?

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I'm afraid I'll have to echo SomeRandom's response in that I also have the same problem meeting girls. The reason why is because extremely few people share my interests (philosophy and mathematical logic). But if I did find a girl, that's what I'd talk about: metaphysics, epistemology and modus ponens.


And that's just it: When you do find a girl, talk about what you want to talk about: the things that interest you. If she shares your interests, you two will spend hours talking about the things you want to talk about.


As far as "a place I can go to try to make a friend", I haven't a clue. Sorry.

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I have trouble making friends cause I tend to freeze up when meeting people at first and I dont know what to say..Recently I joined a yahoo group called penfriends where you can get email pals {same as a pen pal} It has been working out really well..I have met alot of interesting people from all over..Maybe give it a try..

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