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24 Moment Quotes
24 Moment Quotes
Poetry, Prose, Art & Photography

Moment to moment.


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Moment to moment we catch whats real or what is said to be real.

I feel nothing, I live for nothing.


Moment to moment I sit on the divine seat.

I feel everything, I see too much.


Moment to moment I catch a divine harvest.

I see nothing, I am nothing.


Moment to moment we live in a dark place.

I am nothing, I am darkness.


Moment to moment the cells fill with eternal darkness.

I am darkness, I am light.


Moment to moment the cells conquor fear of the eternal darkness.

I am light, I am eternal fear.


Moment to moment the cells understand the reason fear exists,

and then...

Find themselves.


I am myself, I am.

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Thanks for the reply Wartrol but laser Idk if you were meaning to post a new tthread... but this wasn't about a wedding or anything of that nature even remotely.


So I figured you ment to post a new thread, go to the top of the forum and click "New Thread" i believe it is. Anyway thanks for the responses tho, and keep up the writing everyone.





Bless the Akasha.


-"When the power of love exceeds the love of power the world will know peace"

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