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Your favorite hair-removal products / methods?


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I've been using "Sally Hansen Cream Hair remover for face" for over 10 years. I use it on my upper lip. I am Polish/spanish so my hair is thick and I have a running joke with my mom/close friends that if I am ever in a coma that someone needs to remove my mustache and I let everyone know exactly what I use.


For the bikini area, I read in Cosmo years ago that when you run out of shaving cream to use regular conditioner. Well I did that one day when I ran out and i LOVED it. It works so much better. Use basic conditioner (Suave, VO5, whatever im cheap). I cover my bikini area with conditioner and let it sit there while I shave my legs than shave that area last. After its been sitting it makes the hair a lot softer and less razor burn.


I also use Johnson & Johnson baby lotion after wards because it is scent free and doesn't burn.

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