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I finaly broke up with him!!!


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I did it!

i feel so bad about how i did it by txt but he gave me no other choice..

today was our anniversary which he..forgot

havent seen him in 4 weeks and he still preferred to stay in and watch a dvd last night and spend all day home today which was our 4 years anniversary

I got him easter eggs wrapped them up so nicely and went to give them to him but no one answered the door i rang him 5-6 times through out the day and i couldnt get in touch and all he could say was oh yeah i wasnt near my phone, no "im sorry" and that oh i havent go you anything...

I think we both wanted it to end..but neither of us had the guts to do it, well he did do it 4 times and i went back to him everytime so maybe he did want me to do it this time so i let it go for good

either way, its done and i did cry but i have to admit im sooooooooooooooo relieved!!

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That is good u broke up with him. Dont feel guilty you did it by text. He should feel guilty for treating u so poorly. It is not normal for a couple not to see eachother for 4 weeks....unless its long distance!!!! When ur in relationship...minimum u should see the person once a week when u living in same town....that is MINIMUM and even that I would question.....when ur in a good relationship...the other wants to see you. Of course have ur own life...however u can see eachother a few times a week and still have ur own life for example: dinner once or twice a week, lunch once a week...that would be NORMAL in a relationship...and if the guy is so busy....dinner once a week and a coffee...or join in on his work outs etc....there is NO excuse to go for more then a week w out seeing eachother...dont go back to this guy...he does not know how to treat u right

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Thanks coco,

this wasnt just about the 4 weeks though, I have gone above and beyond for this relationship and it has got me NOWHERE...i didnt wanna give up on us, I kept thinking if i only do this or change that it would get better but it never did. so I'm not giving up I'm quiting, I don't need him or whatever it was we were having.

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Sounds like you were making all the effort and he doesn't deserve you (probably hasn't for a long time).


Choccy has great 'feel good' ingredients - enjoy and believe that someone wll be out there who will, as coco says, treat you much better.


The fact that your first reaction was relief says it all.

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