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first time sex/before marriage?


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And tell your bf to be gentle, since its your first time he can't go at the speed / pace of german porn.

What's in your porn collection?


I always say the mind and your vajayjay work hand in hand.

I love that you used the term vajayjay.


also have been thinking about getting the snip, but we're not 200% sure about not wanting kids so we've gotta think some more there.

IMHO, 22 is way too young to be making that decision.


won't anyone tell me to suck it up? that I've made the poor guy wait long enough already? that if you were him you would've dumped me two years ago? that I'm sexually repressed and should be more open/get counseling etc? haha you guys are being too supportive!

OK, you asked for it. If I were him, I would've dumped you more than 2 3/4 years ago. But I'm not him. He waited 3 years, he can probably wait some more if need be.


ok... tried having sex again.

we used lubed condoms, water, saliva, going slowly, pushing hard, waiting, vibrator, nothing worked! even fingering, went up to 2 fingers, hurt like heck and penis still wouldn't go in.

After multiple people suggested getting some lube, you did not use lube!!! Silly girl. Get the lube.


I have good news for you: your bf is a virgin. I know, you already knew that. But this is just more evidence.


he is about four fingers? idunno what's average or not. four fingers rolled together, so about two and a half fingers wide. looks average.

He's not too big for you. And you're not too tight. Remember, babies' heads pass through the same opening.


I don't get aroused when we're about to have sex. nervous perhaps.

So you're not wet. That's the problem. Lube will overcome that, if you want. But I'd want to know why you're not aroused. Maybe the ladies can chime in and ask if nervousness (as opposed to subconsciously not wanting to do it) before the first time prevented arousal/getting wet. Is he not doing things to help you relax?

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