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I hate myself, and facebook.

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you mentioned you only have one friend?

well at least you have somone! so be grateful for it. I also just have ONE best friend and that is all i really need and i am very happy about it.

if you are only 19, you have longggggggg way to go!

i also went to a community college, and it was great! it saved me a lot of money. i was able to transfer to a 4yr college and now very close to graduating.

hope everything goes well!

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From everything you've said, it seems like your number one enemy is your current environment. I know you've got money tied up in the business, but the years of your life are worth *SO* much more than a few thousand dollars, or even tens of thousands of dollars. Money is money... you can always make more money. But you can't get time back.


Have you ever looked at Portland, Oregon? They have an amazing community for walking/biking and just getting around without a car. I say seriously consider taking your 2 grand and *GO*. It doesn't have to be Portland... just somewhere that you can get around easy without a car. Sure, you'll lose a few bucks, but the rewards will be far greater.


I firmly believe that in this life, passions and dreams are in direct opposition to security and safety. So take a leap of faith and run for the hills.

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