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Anyone having winter blues here?

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Hi there


Is anyone here feeling lonely and isolated in the winter?. Recently I have been feeling so lonely and isolated and I told myself last fall that I wouldn't let it get to me this time. However it has and I can't shake the feelings.


The forum looks active, and a way to pass the boredom.. Anyone want to share their experiences with winter blues/cabin fever?.


thank you.

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Oh I sympathise greatly. Now that christmas and new year's eve is over, the weather is cold and I don't know where you are but over here in England its just grey, cold and wet. For the past week or so I have just wanted to hide under a duvet by a fire and eat comfort food because everything seems grim. In fact I've kinda just faked illness to miss two days of school which is really bad heh but I've sort of been using that time to study for an exam i have this friday. But anyway I reckon a good majority of us feel like this, more than we realise. It'll pass quickly though and things will get warmer so in the grand scheme of things its alright, I think the winter accentuates any problems or miseries we have.

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think the winter (which can get pretty cold and severe up here in Minny) has me feeling really down, and its heightened the lonliness that I still feel from my break-up. Mmmf, if my fortunes will rise with the spring, i hope it comes. Or I hope something good happens on valentines day.

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One thing nice about CO, we get a gray gloomy windy snowy day, and then the sun comes out the next day and it all melts. So fortunately not so bad. When I lived in the Midwest and Northeast, winter was depressing as hell.


I do however miss the longer hours of daylight. I don't like getting up in the dark and driving home in the dark - it makes me feel more tired.

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