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Is blushing so obvious to others?


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:splat: I'm extremely shy and nervous and have always had a problem with blushing. I was teased in school a little about it but its getting worse and worse as i get older (IM 25). Even having a simple conversation with the shop keeper sets me off. My dad asked me something none what embarrassing the other day and i went purple. I don't get it. I'm not even embarrassed most of the time but it does happen most days. If i don't want to go red i need to drink alcohol to stop the self consciousness but i want to stop drinking for a while. Is there anything i can do. I just want to be confident and fun without all this. Its really affecting my life now.Does anybody have any ideas for getting rid of it or know what causes it.

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The only advice I can give is to just not think about it. Let it happen and move on. I go red quite often when I meet someone new. In fact just yesterday I meet a woman for the first time in a very obvious first date/meeting type situation and I know I went red. Don't know how obvious it was, just ignored it and moved on.


I know that's not particularly encouraging advice... But it's most likely in your head. So... STOP IT.

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