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One of Those Days


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It's been one of those days for me today. You all know what I am talking about. When you just can't seem to do anything right. When you know you should have just stayed in bed and slept till it was the next day. Well that's my day so far. Today has been one mistake after another. Nothing I do today seems to be good or right enough. How do you deal with days like today? I just want to scream and go buy a gun and start shooting. Just to let it all out at some picture or traget. I don't know why but there is just something so relaxing about shooting a gun when your in this kind of mood.

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For me I need to get outdoors and into my car and go for a long drive with some good music on. Nothing reckless, just simply enjoying being in the car.


Or the gym - days like that are often the ones I end up injuring myself because I want to push it so hard and so long just because it feels good to use up that negative energy.


Worst thing in the world is being stuck in the house or stuck in my cube on those kind of days.

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