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Is it possible to break up this way?


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My 'ex' and I love one another. We have had some problems in the past and have broken up a couple of times if only for a day or two. The last time was a week and half and it was unbearable for the two of us. One or both of us always broke NC.

Yesterday we talked about each of us stepping back and getting back to a healthy spot and then revisiting whether we can be in a relationship or not. No time frames were set, we only agreed to keep each other informed of our progress, and gave permission to either talk or see each other. We talked yesterday and text one another a couple of times.


Is there anyway this can work? I was up early this morning with anxiety already thinking either I need to go NC or just resume the relationship.


Has anyone ever tried anything similar and can provide some guidelines?



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Sounds good. I think the whole idea that you have to follow some certain set of rules for relationships ruins more relationships then helps so any creative solutions you can come up with are worth a shot



The only problem that I forsee so far is that if one suggests getting together for a bite to eat or something and the other says 'no', it can create hurt feelings. We're trying to eliminate all the hurt feelings we had in the relationship and not create anymore outside of the relationship. This is all very new, fresh and raw so maybe that's why I'm having anxiety about this morning.

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