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Anger Management


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Alright everyone....What are some good anger management skills.

I have a lot of anger and i need to cope better.

The last job I had I acted ridiculous at times. granted the management was really crappy & unjust, Many of the employees were unkind and spaced out do to drugs and alc on the job, and customers were crabby, etc...

But, I don't think that excuses the way I acted from time to time.

I want to manage my anger with more maturity, so yeah...


What are some good anger management skills???

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Buy a punching bag. I'm not even kidding. Wail on the thing whenever you're home.

That and start doing yoga. It'll help you get fit and will allow you to control more emotional things too!


My last advice would be...... get to the source. If your anger is out of control, it must stem from somewhere. Find the source of the anger and deal with the issue, and then you wont be so unstable for other minor issues.

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