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Some doctor in South America or someplace could make an awful lot of money if he opened a clinic where people could be put into medically-induced comas for a few months until all the horrible stuff in their life has blown over, for a modest monthly fee.


Think about it: you hand over a third of your life savings, lie down on a bed, and wake up six months later - presto! it's summertime, new job opportunities have opened up, people are actually happy to see you for a change because they haven't seen you in six months, and you haven't had a cigarette or a drink in six months.


If only there were such a place. Medical ethics be damned.

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We all have our hard times. This year has been the most difficult for me, ended engagement, laid off, almost broke, but I know it is going to get better. I will find somebody else, I will get another job, and I will certainly have more money at some point. Worst thing that could happen to me now is that i will loose my house, which could be worse.


Be happy that you have a chance to live. Many people don't get that chance, whether its illness or accidental deaths.

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I've done it once, killed myself that is, unsuccessfully of course, wouldn't be able to write this if I was dead.


Coffee pills overdose, took about, 80, I think it was, and then I also swallowed pure ground up coffee.


Called 911 after.


Before that, was big on self-injury. Still have about 2 scars leftover, you can HARDLY see them, but I know they're there.


I've been there, at the end of the tunnel, fed up with my problems, with my life, with everything.


But, you know what? Life itself saved me, it threw me a bone.


Suicide is not the option, there is always a tomorrow, and there is always hope, ending life now, when its at its very worst, you would not be able to experience it at its very best.

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When I wake in the morning wish I didn't,

Cause these crazy, shady people push my limits



Pretty much the quote I live by.


I want to achieve my dreams, but don't really care if I die today or tomorrow. Sometimes, I wish I didn't wake in the morning, cause the feelings I have are so painful. I've cried my self to sleep the last few days. I am worn down to nothing, but I believe in a brighter day. I would never kill myself. I can't be a coward like that.


That being said, I wouldn't be too bummed if my body shut down hehe...

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