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I want to live - I want to blaze more brightly than ever, and I want to be like this glorious comet, lighting up the sky with my passion for life. I've always wanted this, no matter how crappy my life has been. It seems wrong to not want to do this.


I keep asking you this in every one of your threads - have you got any help yet????

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Their have been times that I have wanted to, but if I do, I realized I won't ever get the chance to do the things I wanna do. Why give up without taking a chance and at least trying? I think it's true when they say things get better, you just gotta wait. Bad times come and good times come. I wanna live for all the good things that can come instead of giving up when I'm having a bad time. My dreams will never come true if I'm not around to live them.

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i don't think i want to live to be 973 years old. unless my body stayed like it is now. i'd like to die near 100, maybe over. but not now, no thanks. i have lots of stuff to do first.


what are your passions, interests in life? maybe you can find something that gives your life meaning, and go with that - whether that means making art, creating videogames, or heck, even collecting stamps. find something that gives you happiness and go with that. you don't have to be an accountant or a lawyer or whatever goals your family has for you. if there is something you want, go for it.


hang in there.

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Everyone here seems to be very positive haha I guess thats the point of this site.


I can say that I also have dreams like eveyone else, and I also have alot of stuff I want to do in my life, I wanna be a rockstar, I want to be a pro skateboarder, I want to get a girlfriend "real one, sometimes, tomorrow next week, next year w/e" I want to get new friends.


I want to become a better person.


Endless of things that I want to do, and become. But these things seems to be impossible to me.. And I've got so many issues I can't talk with anyone about, except you people on here




If I took my life, no one would really care so much, I mean my father basically "Can't spell that" have a new family, with his new wife, "They got a kid on my birthday last year, how much of a chance is that?" new children, he got everything he wants. He's also a * * * * head. In case I hadn't told you yet


My mom would probably be very sad, and my grandmother lol.. shed probably get a heart attack or something because I died before her, and my sister would also get alittle sad, my friends wouldn't care to much I think, cuz I got no one that really likes me, just people I hang out with, just some few.




Well I don't see why not, and at the same time, I want to live.




Not like this., "KNow i've said it a 1000 times"


Sorry for the long reply lol xD

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I want to die. Plain and simple. As a human being, I am basically pure rubbish. I'm simply not suited for living. I have lost just about everything that mattered to me during my course. Family, friends, and general success in life. I am a complete and utter waste of the miracle called life. I have failed at everything I've tried my hand at. So many shattered dreams and so many times I have been knocked back to square one despite my best efforts. I'm bloody tired of it. It has just got to end.


Folks I apologize for this small and rather dreary post that stands out starkly amongst all the beautiful optimism in here. Do not mind me. I'm was just venting a little bit.

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