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sex tricks

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hi guys, there is this guy that i really like, and we have great sex together. The problem is that i am running out of tricks, but he says he has more up his sleeve and he is trying to get me totally hooked on him. Well i want him totally hooked on me, so do you have any advice on some spine tingling new sex tricks that i can try that would really get him hooked on me.

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No offense but I think that if you are only trying to get a man hooked on something like this that it will eventually end up getting to you and the whole time he's getting what he wants and you end up being used. I hope you think more of yourself then this. I think you should try hooking him on your mind..not your body. Just my opinion. Men by nature are hooked on sex..sorry but its true, so you'll never have a problem there. But if you want to keep him, you have to start the relationship off with more substance.

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One of the sexiest things to a guy, is a woman interested in being sexy.

(i.e. just the idea that she is trying is a turn on)

So you are already on the road with that post.


I dunno what you've tried, but perhaps try costum roleplay,

(schoolgirl, cheerleader, etc.) , toys, food, music, candle wax, lights,

baths, surprise visits, locations,


etc. etc.



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personally, i think it is awesome that you and your boy can do all this and experiment with things... but .... she had a point in sayin you might get used, so be careful aswell. but.... you should dress in black lacey underwear with a pink fluffy overlay, hair in pig tails with pink fluffy high heels, then welcome him with a lolly pop in ya mouth then give him a lap dance eventually leading to head, but,.... when you give him head play with foods or... do a little trick i learnt along my way, go down on him for a couple of strokes then take a mouthful of luke warm water and drip it down his penis, after that place an ice cube in your mouth and go down on him with it. right b4 he blows hop on and finish him off with fast and hard sex!

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