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whats going on?

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All you can do is wait it out. Do not push he knows that you are there and let him come to you. Wait till he finds out what is bothering him. He just feels like he needs to figure things out himself. Do not try to contact, let him contact him and he will in a couple of days. Let him calm down and figure things out, or you might push him farther away. I know it is hard, but you must try. He'll be in contact in a couple of days and if not then go on and come back here and see if we can help some more. Give him time.

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I agree with Neallo. I have been the one that has stormed out and needed space, it's a strange state of mind. The worst is when someone (significant other) won't give you the space you need to clear things up in your own head.


Give it time and he will call. Just let him sort things out for himself and he'll come back with open arms.


I hope it works out for you.

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Well heres the rest of the story.

As I said we had a fight but I did not do anything, he was upset that his video game machine was not working and stormed out saying he was pissed off with that. He stormed out of here and has not contacted me since. I just hate this feeling of limbo especially with New Years around the corner. We had plans and he is the type that can just go on(like most guys) I just want this feeling in the pit of my stomach to go away. If its over its over just let me know.

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Over a video game???? What is wrong with this guy? I thought the fight may have been caused by something life altering such as career or family. If he doesn't call you- I'd say no big loss. Move onto a guy that doesn't pout over his toys and take it out on you. Pick up on these signals, cause this could be the beginning of worse things to come if you do stay together. If he does call, I'd tell him to get lost. You are better off without him hun.

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