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How do you/me/anyone successfully, diplomatically deal with someone who has a temper? What is the best way to approach a temper?


What if you try to walk away and they won't let you. They follow you and get more angry. What if you tell them you refuse to discuss this until they calm down but they won't. They are just on you screaming and throwing a fit for hours while you sit there silently and it just infuriates them more. What then?

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Hello 88


People's bad tempers and anger can be very disruptive to anyones life. As far as how you deal with it. I believe you are better off not dealing with it. You have heard of classes on anger management, it is pretty serious stuff nowadays. People or corporations will just not put up with it. I have also read and I really believe this. If you are dealing with someone elses anger, and it is not your own. It is referred to as displaced anger, and the truth is your wasting your time. because it is not your anger and is being placed on you. So you need to get rid of it fast. Sounds like your friend needs some professional help. The anger may be very deep seeded, and could be very complicated finding the true cord of the issue. And if they are angry all the time. They have issues. And they will make you one if you let them. And remember right around the corner from the anger is violence. That is stuff you need to run from.


Good Luck


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