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I think a friends in trouble

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I have a friend, who's dating my ex boyfriend, i realize now, only after breaking up with him and seeing him date someone else, that he's incredibly posessive and demanding. My friend now avoids her other friends, and won't hang out with us girls. I'm kind of affraid to say anythign to her, i know she isn't in a healthy realtionship, and i now realize that mine with him wasn't either, i only wish someone would have said somethign to me. Should i talk to my friend and tell her waht i think? or should i let her find out on her own? Please help



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you should tell her. even if she doesn't believe you she will still begin to notice what you mean. if she isin a bad relationship tell her that you are worried dont let her get hurt it will do alot more damage if you dont tell just warn her its the right thing to do.

good luck and i wish you the best

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