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Just finished an on and off relationship... I'm not hurt though?


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For the past 7 months i've been in a very on and off relationship. Neither of us really knew whether we were coming or going.


We finally got back together for "real" a couple of weeks ago and it lasted a week. We both love each other, she is adamant she wants to remain friends and has been crying about it even though it was her decision.


I for the first time since the relationship started feel like I want to start dating other people, instead of trying to get back together with her.


I just feel badly that I don't feel worse about this, she is balling about this and I seem to be perfectly ok. She is still my best friend.


Maybe it's because the relationship cried wolf so many times before that it lost the effect?

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You're probably just emotionally/mentally exhausted by this point. I've felt this before with an ex. Eventually I just cried so many tears that is seemed like my eyes just went dry. It's not necessarily a bad thing, as it's a pretty good indication that even if you really do love and care about the person, a relationship just isn't a feasible. It's dangerous to stay in relationships like this--it's not a stable relationship, and it'll only eat away at you until nothing's left.

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