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im not sure i should go out with my friend

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hey guys.


i have a friend who has had it rough these past few months.she lost her best friend because a guy whm the best mate was dating was extremely harsh to her and the best mate took the guy's side.i still think she is hurtin from that trauma.


on top,the group of friends she had have disappeared mainly because she changed schools and has found it hard to make time for them.the group just havent bothered to catch up.


i thought that it was the right thing to do to keep in contact and establish that i was there should she need me.


this rather unfortunate event happened just as i was breaking up with my first love, a very painful experience for me.im just starting to resume normal life.i talked alot to my friend during this time.


although we dont talk that often due to our busy lives,ive managed to stay reasonably in touch.ive just realised that shes very attractive and nice and well...i like her in THAT way.


im not sure if she likes me that way at all.she may think im just a good friend.personaly,im not sure if i should go after a relationship after just getting over the last one.


im just not sure.any advice welcome.merry xmas and happy new year to all at enotalone.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you also. Life is a risk. You can look at it this way. You can either take a chance or sit around the rest of our life wondering what if. It is hard to tell what to do especially since we don't have someone guiding us every step of the way and deciding things for us. That would make it so much easier, but that is not reality. Good Luck!

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If you're not sure, then you might as well just sit it out. Starting a relationship on the rebound is very, very tricky. And if you're not careful you might end up hurting someone. You need a cushion, someone to nurse your broken heart, not a partner right now.

I say just be her friend. Friendship is so valuable in these days of quickie relationships. Give it time, once you're both feeling stable and have rebounded from your misfortunes, maybe then you might reconsider. But for now, just be there for eachother and give eachother the support you both need.

Good luck and happy holidays.

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