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omg.. what is wrong with me?? :S why did i tell her OUT OF THE BLUE? :s


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Hey everyone.. so heres my prob:

..I'm kind of overwhelmed by something i did a few nights ago, something SO random... i dont even know how on earth it just came out of me like that... before I knew it.. I had said it and its kind of making me.. anxious?.. because usually I always think things through and am very careful with what i say and do...but i dont know what happened the other day...


Im a bi girl and recently ive been crushing on another girl who is bi and whom ive known for some time - we're actually good friends. Anyways lately I have started to develop feelings for her (ive known this for a while now) and at one point not long ago, I suggesed/hinted trying a make-out with her (just for the fun of it)but she said no, and that we should stay as friends. Anyways, after that, and even after that 'rejection', I realised that i was starting to maybe want something more with her - say, perhaps a relationship, something I think she would be more into (if anything).


So yeah..a few nights ago, when we were msn-ing, i dont know WHY i dont know how it just 'came out' of me, I told her i was into her and that i really like her. she didnt seem too shocked but did ask me what posessed me lol to say it so randomly...

..i know.. ive rarely been so spontaneous and sudden about something.. especially something like that, which is why im in shock haha whyyy did i do that??

what would the course of action be now?? i feel... not embarrassed.. but 'weird' in a way?? i dont even know whther to regret it or not...

oh man... im shocked that a person like me - always into planning and thinking things through could suddenly DO that! it was fine when i said it and for a few hours after.. but i dont know how to 'act' now.. i dont know if its a terrible mistake..

... would love some opinions.. anything at all.. please tell me you've been random like this at some point its taken me totally by surprise!

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It's quite alright, we're all human and we tend to do things spontaneously and regret it.


Well I'd say if you wanted a relationship, it may have not been the best course of action, but letting it out someway is always the first step. Have you confirmed that she is bi or lesi? I'd say the best way to deal with this situation now that it's happened is to ride it out. Pretend it never happened and carry on your friendship unless otherwise (like if she wants to start a relationship).


Yeah if she were good friends with you she'd stay friends no matter what. Although I've never been in a situation like this, I have been able to remain friends with people with whom I've liked, you just have to act like it never happened and it'll be alright.


Uhhhh... yeah I've done something like this before, really stupid of me but a girl lead me on. I told her I liked someone and we played a really stupid guessing game and she guessed on the first guess. I felt pretty terrible after that but I just pretended it never happened so pretend it never happened.


As for regret, don't regret things, well at least not in a negative way. It's terrible to regret things because its just another thing to worry about. Easier said than done, but think of it this way, would it have gone better if you hadn't said it? I mean you'll never know because whatever you did might've been the best move, like the outcome of what would happen if you hadn't said it could've been worse. If that makes sense...


Anyways, yeah I hope I helped with whatever I said, just relax and you should be fine

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