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Are we breaking up?


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Well my GF (in a relatively new relationship approx 2 months) I think is trying to break up with me in a roundabout way. But it just might be my paranoia and everything's fine... I'm hoping some people here can tell me which of the two is the right answer. Here goes:


This all started two weeks ago. She told me her sister really disapproved of us being together (and because she is super close to her sister) she was thinking about it and said something like "Well I guess we're not going out anymore." But she said it in a sarcastic way. Ever since then she has been pretty much ignoring me in the kind of way that I do when I have something weighing on me I want to say but can't bring myself too for whatever reason.

Of course we still talk but I feel like something is missing...


My question I guess (for the ladies in particular) is how can I probe for her true feelings? What do I say to get her to say/demonstrate she is still serious about a relationship with me? I'm at a loss here...

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