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Trying to be myself...


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Hi, I was wondering if anyone here had the same problem as me. Whenever I talk to certain people I hold with relatively high esteem, it is difficult for me to act like myself. This happens usually when I'm talking to an adult, specifically my teachers (who have high expectations of me most of the time). Even when I'm talking to my peers, it's hard for me to change from sounding like a "shy" guy to a confident guy.


I'm wondering how I can stop acting the way people usually predict me to behave (calm, obedient, passive) when I really want to start to act without such a hinderance. I know that I shouldn't care too much about what other people think, but I really want to know what someone will think if I start acting extremely confident one day when I've always been shy. Any comments appreciated

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It's just part of being young. Give yourself time to mature and know your true self better and all the pieces will fall into place. This is one reason I would never go back to being young. You care too much about what other people think and too little about what you think.

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"Being yourself" in this sense is in part being mindful of your intention for asking the question or starting the conversation. When you let that strong intention slip away, you then fear to a greater degree the possibility of not getting what you want. When you stop striving to be the perfect conversationalist, you will be less judgmental of what happens. You will in turn be more like "yourself". Confident people do not necessarily think about confidence, but many shy people crave it. It is more about letting go than it is about grabbing something.


Something to keep in mind, I suppose. Can't hurt.


Be well.

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