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question for the girls

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well I talk to this girl that I like,on the computer. sometimes she'll go from responding back every 2 minutes or so..right away pretty much which is good,but to not responding at all period after that. which is weird one moment responding right away to the next NOTHING. I'd ask a question and no response..well i'd wait little bit longer and ask something else and no response. have any of you girls done that before?

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Hey i had the same problem with a guy. But its nothing to worry about, seriously. You only notice it because u like her. If it was a friend you probly would just think that they left the room or got a call, or are just talkin with someone else right now. Its nothing to worry about, honestly. Im almost positive she's not doing it on purpose. Ive done the same thing, i jsut start talkin to someone else about something BIG and u forget about all the other people ur talking to. Dont take it personal, it happens all the time.

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Like Colls said, it depends on how much other stuff is going on. If you've got multiple windows going plus stuff going on in the room like tv, parents, etc., it's really easy to miss messages or lose track of who you're talking to, and who you've already answered. I've inadvertently done that to a few of my friends on occasion, left them hanging when I could've SWORN I was the last one to type something!

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