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finally over the ex...but can't seem to find interest in another?


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My last long term relationship ended about 3 years ago, and I've spent the last few years getting over my ex. Within the last year, I have begun to open up more and date people seriously. The problem is, I am finding that there are no interesting fishes in the sea.... While on most days, I like the fact that I am single, there are times when I just miss the intimacy and physical comforts of a solid relationship.


Sometimes I wonder if the real problem is that I have lost the ability to trust and really like someone vs. the fact that there are no good guys around. I would date people but it inevitably goes nowhere because I get bored and annoyed...and I refuse to keep someone around just for comfort/company.


I just wish I could find someone to love, but it's so hard.

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i was in a similar situation, except the time was shorter. got dumped by a girl after a two year relationship, and after about ten months, sort of gave up on finding a good girl.


i decided to adopt the attitude that i didn't need/care about girls. about two weeks later i hit it off with a classmate i've been acquainted with for years and we are now dating (and it is just the best.)


i don't know if that helped you at all, but hopefully it at least gives you hope.

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